Post about "Arts Education"

Make Art Accessible

The art world seems to be socially stratified as some ‘selected group’ of individuals decide what is art and what is not, who is an artist and who is not. The elitist fame of art is not a new trend. It has been like that for many years not only in art acquisition but in art education. No wonder why it is marginalize from the education system. If people can’t find a practical purpose for art education it will always be the first thing to be cut away when funds are limited. Let’s have something clear, when I speak about ‘education’ I am not talking about formal academic education alone but knowledge. When I speak about practical purpose I am not referring to art as objects you can use but knowledge you can expand to different domains. The problem is that only a ‘selected group’ get to understand the ‘mysteries’ of art like it is something out of this world. Some explanations appear to be in a language from another planet to which some people can’t relate to. The opportunity to reach people gets lost in translation. Even a trip to space begins with training on earth. You don’t take people outside our atmosphere to then teach them how to wear the helmet that would keep them alive.Yes, art has a language of its own. Yes, art should speak by itself. No, we should not explain a piece of art to people. Yes, there should be a connection between the art piece and the individual for it to be meaningful. However, it requires sensibility and wisdom to help people relate to what they are feeling and thinking in a tangible way because after all art is about human experience not reserved for the ‘elite’ but for all. Art is an experience to be shared by humanity. We are all born with artistic tendencies but we only grow up to pursue these tendencies and appreciate them when given the chance. It also takes courage to engage people in the creative process and to be creative themselves. Yes, art is not for ‘everyone’ in a sense but who are we pick and choose to whom it is for? Why not letting people decide if art is for them or not?Do not misunderstand me. I am not talking about giving away our creations for the sake of art. That might just ruin the purpose of making art accessible. People should always pay the fair value for a piece of art. When people have a connection with specific artwork they will find a way to get and that would make them appreciate it more. What I am talking about here is about opening the doors and make art accessible and inviting people to engage in the arts with words and actions they can relate with. If only the ‘elite’ can acquire art pieces, that is fine by me, let it be an opportunity for artists to keep creating. Let us keep what makes it art: the human experience.